Depress girlfriend making me feel worthless. What do I do?


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  • Do not be drowned with her problems. You need to stay as sane one.
    Just be there for her. Try to help when she needs.
    You are not worthless. She is lucky to have someone. Neither of you is worthless.
    Make sure she is seeing a professional.
    It is important.


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  • Depression is a nasty thing to deal with. But when it's your partner, it's even more so since you have no power to control it. Like fauchelevent said, you do have to put your health first. With that said, try to always be in a good mood when you're around her. People's social programming is to mirror the behavior of those they spend time with. If she's depressed, it makes you depressed. However, if you are excited, happy, and encouraging, this will have an extremely positive effect on her. If she's the one you truly love and want to be with, help her become the person you know her to be. She still has to make that choice so only do what you can. Good luck and stay positive.


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  • If she's depressed, then the important thing is to be there for her and try and help her through this. The chances are that she feels so worthless and is encompassed by her depression that she doesn't understand how she's hurting you. However, you do have to put your health first. If her depression is causing you pain, then you have to make sure that you're okay and if being with someone who's depressed isn't something you can handle, then you shouldn't force yourself to.


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