I don't want to come off as a jealous person. What can I say?

I have been dating and seeing this guy off and on. We have been spending weekends together and I even met his parents in the beginning. He is a physical trainer and our Sunday evenings have turned into dinner with a male client. Now he told me that his client opened up to him about his sexuality. He is gay. Before I knew he was gay my guy told me that he would buy things for him and he invites him over to dinner. He even told my guy when he was drunk that he thinks he's cute. My guy still hangs with him and says he knows how to handle it. I don't like the idea and he knows it. I told him that I want to meet him and after going back and forth and him telling me the guy has nothing to do with me he is going to let me meet him. I just want to understand their friendship bc my guy seems to struggle with letting me know when he is with him when I want to spend time with him. Am I wrong? Now he wants me to do all the explaining when really I just want to get to know his friends bc things got serious. I'm going to be professional but what do you think or how can I best introduce myself without coming off as a jealous gf? I just don't want to have to make an appointment to see him bc he has plans with this gay guy. I don't want to come between them. I just want my time with him tod. If I may add the gay guy has money.


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  • just tell him how you feel.


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