How to get guys to like me?


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  • That would depend on what kinds of guys you want to attract. Obviously you want someone who can accept you for who you are (I read the comments first), so the main point of getting a guy to like you is to own who you are and find someone who digs that. Guys like girls who can be themselves around so be that girl. Be the best version of yourself. Your question is kinda vague so this is the best I got.


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  • There's no easy answer to it, first of all you can make anyone like you, I mean you can't force feelings ( feeling of liking you in your case). However what you can do is make yourself a better person, personality wise and if you feel like improving your looks then go ahead and even after that some guys will like you , some won't after all you can't impress each and everyone of them.

  • Pardon me, i can't help but notice, what the hell are those you are wearing in your ears?

    • Uv never heard of stretched ears?

    • I google'd and ya , it's the first time i have heard of this. And honestly I was grossed out.
      Maybe, guys got intimidated by it?
      by the way, since we are at it.. what happens when you take the ring out? I mean how does the ear look?

    • Just google naked lobes

  • You kind of dug yourself a hole with those ears girl...

  • You're best bet is to go to guys who aren't put off by body modifications. You're pretty, so guys will like you

    • Are most guys put off by mods?

    • Some guys don't like anything more than simple ear piercings. I'm only put off by things like artificial horns and nose gauges

  • why do you have car rims in your ears?

    • Wtf do u mean?

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    • thanks lol im just afraid of being rejected cuz i really like this one guy

    • i figured lol i just know that i am a chicken shit when it comes to talking to talking to women. i stay quiet until i can make a joke and make them laugh. unless that happens i will stay quiet. so i would hold your hand and help you if i could but im just going to be hiding in the corner lol.

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