If I wrote her a song will she come back to me?

I took her virginity she took mine. We talked online and through Snapchat months prior. We met in person for two days at most and I fell in love with her already. Never have I felt myself so attracted to a girl.

I creeped her out due to my mental illness and she cut contact with me in every way possible. If I made her a song will she come back to me?

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Why won't this work peoples? And what will? There has to be something!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Dude, if you want to make it up to a girl who Cut ties with you, you do not do something like write her a song. If she cut contacts with you, it's clear that she wanted some space. However, presenting her a song after giving her some space would show that while you have given her physical space, you did not give her emotional or mental space. It'll just make her feel like even when she pushed you away, you were still really intense, and it would bombard her with emotions.
    Your best bet would be to apologize and try to make a less emotional or personal conversation with her, rather than giving her a song.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a fantasy in your mind. That you make this huge gesture and she'll eat it up. Unfortunately, the world, and girls, don't just work that way because this isn't about your songwriting or singing abilities (which is kool by the way). You need to deal with the real issue which is not your mental illness, it's her perception of mental illness. I know firsthand having worked in a psych hospital for several years now. And the way they portray people in hospitals vs real life is such garbage. And like any flaw in our being, whether it be an addiction, liking the color pink too much, or even having a mental illness, it's something that we can't choose for our partner. They have to make up their minds "am I alright dating someone like this?" Clearly she is have some difficulties coming to terms with the mental illness information. But think about it like this, would you run if you knew she had a haunted past or abuse? To which would be your choice to leave or stay. She left but that doesn't mean it's completely over. Give her some space and try contacting her in a few months. I know it seems like a long time but with that much time, she might forget the bad and remember all the good you both had. Contacting her too soon will only upset her so give it some time. Then when you open a channel to her, she's had plenty of time to think about it. She might even contact you first with that much time. I won't guarantee anything since she left, but don't give up on yourself. You're considerate enough to try something to impress her. I don't know anyone who would do that so whether you end up with this girl or someone else, they will very lucky to have you. In the mean time, let me ask you one question that I want you ask yourself, "What am I doing to improve myself?" Hope I can help a little.


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What Girls Said 2

  • If she left you because you creeped her out, the last thing you should do is pull some big romantic gesture... it's cute in movies - it's creepy IRL...

    • What can I do? Anything at all?

    • Nope. Probably not.

      You can try sending her a message that explains things, but most likely you're just gonna have to accept it and move on. Try to learn something from the experience so the next relationship you have, or attempt to have, you don't make the same mistake (s).

  • no she won't.


What Guys Said 2

  • Visit her at work... Fuck your mental illness... Confidence... Go in like it's no big deal... If she fucked you and y'all talked lovey dovey then fine... If she's the one... Go to her... I mean physically... Grow balls doggy

  • It doesn't work that way


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