What's your favorite type of place for a first date?

  • Coffee shop
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  • Disco club
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  • Restaurant
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  • City park
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  • Gym
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  • Amusement park
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  • Library
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Most Helpful Guy

  • The first date, to me, is more like an interview in which you both are trying to find out if you want a second date. (not saying it can't be fun) To me, the second date is where the fun really starts, in which museums, parks, clubs, dancing, stargazing are all pretty good ideas for a first 'date'.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tooling around and walking is very low stress. Good for a first date because you don't need to be staring at each other either.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Just a low key bar or pub. that way you are not throwing away money and you can bail after one drink instead of sitting through a long dinner... I keep first dates very simple, almost not even ad ate to be honest. the second one is usually an activity, like mini golf or bowling with dinner.

  • i like going to the movies, but that wasn't on here

  • the park is the bomb pick up spot , better when you have a do too walk
    gals love a dog walking hot guy


What Girls Said 1

  • No pub option?

    Are disco clubs still a thing? lol I thought those died in the 70s!

    • Well, a pub is somwhat like a coffee shop, or somewhere between disco club and coffee shop :P
      There are plenty of modern disco clubs, it's not just a 70's thing ;)

    • haha I picked restaurant because to me that was the closest option to pub...

    • Ok, I like restaurants too :D

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