Am I wrong to wait?

I feel like I'm in love with this girl for almost a year now. I couldn't wait more than 7 weeks before telling her how I really felt about her. She told me I am a good friend, but we don't talk anymore, and if I call her she rushes me off the phone. We barely text more than once or twice a day. She has never rejected me though, never actually said the words but I think maybe because she likes me as a friend she never will say that. Anyway, I broke down in front of her, and she said she is just not ready for another relationship right now. I want to wait for her, and stay there until she is ready, but when I said this she said I don't have to wait. Am I wrong to keep waiting for her, I feel guilty every time I get slighty interested in someone else. Then when she texts me something like a hug I run away from these other girls and run back to the waiting for her. I think she is worth waiting for, but I could be blinded by delusion. Girls, what scenario am I in, and should I wait? Guys, have you been here before and did it work out or not?


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  • Well, I have been there, but my crush is hardcore stubborn, I told him countless times I like him but avoids the topic, we are good friends. I waited for him for 2 years, then I liked another guy. So I decided to give up, and start chasing this guy. I trusted my gut. So, what does your heart tell you?

    • my heart is hard to read even for me sometimes. I want her, but I don't feel love both ways. I think that maybe with time she will realize I'm right here loving her while he goes to other guys and years go by, that maybe one day I'll be with her.

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    • I have told her I love her several times over the time we've spent together, she thinks it's too soon after almost a year of knowing each other personally. I think it may have scared her off though.

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