Women can you please explain why?

Women  can you please explain why??


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  • Ha Ha this is so funny to me.. I am sorry but its logical alright but many women just don't get it... I hear many of my younger friends say to me why is he mad at me? So they tell me they spy on their SO to see how many comments he gets from girls considering she get way lots more then he ever does... simple explanation.. if you are in a relationship don't go and exploit yourself like you are available... and if you allow it to happen. then shut up and put up... otherwise deal with it and put your ego aside... :))

    • Well you're right in a sense, but with women we can't never win. Even if it's just a female friend who texts you every now and then it will be an issue, we must be sleeping with her, but if you're getting text messages by different guys it's ok...

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    • that's exactly right!! :))

    • thank you asker for MHO <3 :)

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  • i dont came who texts who. i dont even like texting,.

    • You're one in a million, I do prefer a phone call instead, but a lot of people don't.

    • i honestly find it annoying. and unnecessary. like well see each other eventually. we dont need to play text tag all day.

      anyhow i simply prefer in person interaction. one exception is if i want to explain something thats v very comp[lex and i want to get it out before the other person jumps to conclusions. or interrupts me,. in that case ill write a letter.

    • You bring a good point. Technology has brought us together with people that live far, but at the same time it has distance us from the people that are closer to us. people rather send a text than pick up the phone to a have a conversation or talk in person.

  • We wanna have you all to ourselves


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  • She wants the security of knowing she could replace you at any moment, but not have to worry about being replaced herself.

    It's called insecurity and selfishness. You can simply laugh it off and say "oh come now, you know you want to date the popular guy"


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