I need some advise on a guy that I like... help?

So me and this guy have known each other for like 3 years, this is going to be our senior year in highschool. He recently told me that he has liked me for the longest now but hasn't told me till now cause I've been with other guys, I've liked him to I just hadn't told him cause I didn't think he liked me. We decided to give it some time, start from knowing each other good, going out in groups (which I like a lot)... the problem is his reputation, he's known for dating the "wild ones", and I might have some of that in me, but not like his ex's... I know that what he's telling me, about only liking me and only flirting with me, is true cause he never acted like this with any of his ex's, he wouldn't complement them much, and he wouldn't really care and talked to them like he does to me now, but how do I know this isn't just a big act to get me to be with him for a while and then just dump me?


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  • If you think he really treats you different from the other girls he's dated it might be a sign that he wants to have a proper relationship with you. I've had fun with a few girls making out with them and flirting but I was only really attracted to one and I really had feeling for her even tho I was kissing other girls and stuff. If she wanted to have a long term relationship with me I would defiantly want it. I treated her differently because I felt that way about her, maybe he thinks that way about you. you should seriously give it a go because it sounds like he might want a long term relationship with you


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  • he was playing you.


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