Ladies (and Gents), how do I spice up a long distance relationship?

Me and this amazing girl have started a long distance relationship like 2 weeks ago. And I already feel like we're running out of stuff to talk about. She lives in a different state, but I plan to come see her after highschool (2 more years). What I'm asking is, how do I make things more interesting... And please don't say dump her, I can't break hearts


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  • have dates through Skype.

  • I have a few tips, I hope theyre useful. There is never and end for things to talk about, you just have to find and ask the right questions to start a conversation. Also, games like truth or dare (even though it is "a bit middlescool") can be really fun online. If you're old enough, sexting and things like that might be fun to experiment with, if that's comfortable for both of you. There are lists of unique questions online to ask, you could tell you want to get to know her better and ask some. Also, talking about your past and hopes for the future is a good idea, you can bond over things as well as learn more about each other.


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