Does he like me but is playing games or he's just interested in sex?

Me n this guy have met twice. The first time which was the weekend before the last he asked me out for a drinks but I suggested to jst have sex at my place. We did n he stayed the night n left early in the morning. He continued to text me everyday n asked me to meet up again last Friday night. I was on period n told him i couldnt have sex but he said he still happy to come. The thing is we lived very far away from each other n he had a work function on that night until 11pm n he drove for an hour to see me. He came n we just made out n i gave him a bj. However he didn't stay the night n left like 15 mins after we were done ( I was abit taken aback but didn't show it). When he was putting on clothes he said something like "they helped putting off ur clothes but once ur fucked no one helps u putting clothes on). I asked why he said that n he jst said its a joke m he finds it funny. Anyway after Friday, he didn't text me for 2 days but texted me again yesterday. he always initiates the texts n we r just being friendly n flirting over texts. The whole time since I've met him I've been acting friendly but very casual toward him. I also have him on fb n he liked commented on my status etc. Do u think he likes me n just playing games to test me or he just wants sex?
Im just out of a long term relationship for 2 months n this is the first time I've done something so casual so I dun know how this works... is he giving mixed signals or he's just interested in sex?


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  • so u were da one who asked for sex first?
    and drivin one hr just to see u is pretty much actually, but wot i assume by leavin so quickly... is this... i believe he knew u were on period and probably he dislikes period sex... so he just wanted to get a bj instead... after he got wot he wanted he left... so yeah probably he's just interested in sex

    • He actually kissed me very close to down there n I had to stop him several times because I was embarrassed of my period.

    • again y he left so early?

    • I dun know its so weird but he's texting me like normal now

  • Why would he be the one just wanting sex... he asked you out for drinks and instead you opted to have sex right off the bat instead not him... than the second time you said no sex because of your period but ended up giving him head and leaving... not like you're sending the right signals to him from what I've read.

    • Yeh I know im super weird

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    • Tbh i just wanted fun but starting to like him

    • Well, you started off handling the situation inproperly... so if it's only sex he wants from you than that's the message you put out to him

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