He wants to get married but I'm not ready?

My boyfriend of 2 years is an international student. He's graduating soon and according to him we should get married or else he said he'll have to go back to his country. I told him I'm not ready we've not been together that long enough. Plus I'm still in university. He said then we have to be in a long distance relationship. I don't want to. I want him to stay here with me. Why does he have to rush the marriage? I don't get it. He said either marry him or we're in a long distance relationship. What? How do I convince him to please give me time for me to at least graduate and have my shit togeher, and please don't go back to his country just stay here with met til then?


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  • gosh how old is he? rushed marriage's a no-no... it will fail chances r... did u ever asked y he wants to rush it?

    anyway if he's so stubborn to marry so soon... then keepin a LDR would be better in my opinion.

    • Because he said he'll have to go back to his home country and he sees no point in a LDR, why can't we just marry now? We'll marry sooner or later why not now? That's what he say, but why can't he just stay here with me and be like a nornal couple no rushing no LDR? :(

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    • He says if we get married he'll stay. If not' he'll leave :(

    • if i was u then i'd refuse. rushed marriage = doomed marriage

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