Should I stop seeing my ex from now on?

Today, she has been mentioning other guy/her crush, I told her to go ahead and talk to that person.
Despite the fact that I told her to not mention about the person cuz I will pursue her to talk to him, she kept saying she won't engage and that she is still hurt from the last relationship (ours).

So I just decided ignore the guy part so she could stop talking about it. yet she still mentioned about the guy over and over.

Clearly she is trying to guilt trip and make me jealous. Well she is doing a terrible job on those, and I'm starting to get annoyed by her rants about our past relationship.

This isn't her first time acting like this though. Before, she was telling me how she can't go to work, eat, or sleep because of me; there are guys who were hitting on her but won't even call them because she is hurt already.. etc.

Also she asks me about my date and only talks shits about her and tries to get me to break up with her. Not to mention she found her by sodial media.

Like should I just ignore her calls and texts from now on?


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  • Yeah for awhile at least. Hanging around together and talking won't let her get past the relationship. Most people need a clean cut for awhile. It's getting harder with social media and technology making people so accessible these days.

    Clearly she's trying to guilt you, and she still has unresolved issues about the relationship. Either lay them all out on the table and get closure now, or cut her off a few months, let her clear her head, and try for it again. If you do, and you start talking to her again... Remain clear that you aren't looking to get back together. Ever. Don't give an ounce of hope. An ex will take anything and hold on to it.


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  • What is making you talk to her yet? And do you have any feeling left for your ex? It seems to me she still wants you and had feelings, but I feel like you do maybe too?

  • I would, or just tell her you can't deal with it before you cut off communication


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