Doesn't speak to me much when his friends are around?

So we are family friends but this was the first time seeing him in years. Him and his family came round my house for Christmas and my mum introduced us and he was super friendly.

A couple weeks ago my family went round his house for his brothers birthday party. His friends were round so he was upstairs most of the time. He came down once and said hi to me and my sister, then he came down again to play football outside. When we were leaving his mum and my mum were having a conversation and he came to stand next to her. I said bye to him and he said bye back and smiled at me.
He didn't make the effort to talk to me like he did when he came round my house.
Is it because his friends were there? Is he not interested in me? :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • A guys friends, especially if they're younger (jr high or highschool) are just the worst people, but their your friends so it sucks. They like to make fun of us, cat call the girl, just make everyone feel awkward. If this is about his friends, this is the reason I could think of. It's possible he felt strange to be around you and your family at the same time while being interested in you. Honestly, just talk to him and it'll work itself out. Good luck


What Girls Said 1

  • thats what guys do, he's still interested.


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