How old is too old?

There's this guy I know that I think I might be falling for but I'm not sure if he's too old for me. Some of my friends say he his, some say he isn't. I'm 20 and he is 34. I've known him for about a year, he's a great musician and a really great guy. I've dated guys that were 6 years older before but is 14 years too much?


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  • Age doesn't matter now that you're over 20. Seriously.

    What DOES matter is the maturity levels of the individuals. If you're 20 but you have the maturity level of a 34 year old, then you likely wouldn't be asking this question - you'd simply be dating him by now.

    This might mean he's immature for his age - but aren't all artists? Ha!

    The third possibility is that he's a normal guy who's very attracted to young women. I can't blame him, I've dated plenty of girls your age. If you want more than just sex then you must pay attention.

    The real problem (for me) with an age gap this big was always the difference in social circles. She couldn't relate to my friends, and visa-versa.

    If I were you I'd tread carefully... do your best to keep sex off the table for as long as possible so that you can get a sense of what he wants from the relationship AND so that you can get a feeling what he's like in lots of situations. Guys who are "faking nice to get laid" will always show their true colors when seen in life's more challenging situations - as opposed to the closed environment of their bedrooms.

    Date him, get him out with your friends, get out with his friends, and see what's what.

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby


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  • personally I think 3 years is the limit. anything more than that is weird to me. until you turn 40 if both of you are at least 40 it doesn't really matter.

    14 years I think is waaaaay too old that's like... would you go out with a 6 year old... I say find someone ur own age honey

  • if it feels right, go for it :) my friend's 20 and she's dating a 32year old. works great. guys are mentally behind anyway haha