After two really good dates would you be dissapointed with?

Weve been for two dates, just going for drinks but both have gone really well. I've only given her a kiss on the cheek both times at the end. Will she be dissapointed with this? Or will it not bother her? I just got abit scared to go for a full kiss last time!


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  • You're taking things slow.
    There's nothing wrong with that.

    Although may I suggest you do something different for a third date.
    It's okay to go out drinking but that's something you do regularly with someone you just want to bang.
    How about a restaurant instead of a bar?

    • Yeah I was already thinking that, might go cinema or possibly a day in town and go to like a exhibition or something

    • That sounds good

  • Of a guy hasn't kissed me by the end of the third date I'm going to wonder if he likes me. If he is still too nervous than I will think maybe we aren't compatible and probably move on.

    • Will even a small kiss on the lips do?

    • Just go on for it and see how it goes. At least more than a peck but see if she reciprocates.

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