You think technology has effected our relationships?

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  • It has effected relationships in the aspect that people are a lot more impersonal with the way they communicate with others.

    I've heard of people on here (seeing a woman every day at school), only to never approach her real life.
    They instead search her on facebook and let that be their first means of contact with this woman.

    When people do actually get each others phone numbers,
    They want to send numerous amounts of text messages instead of giving a phone call (which is a lot more personal in my opinion).

    Communication has become robotic in the sense that people allow technology to control how they operate with others.
    Technology isn't the only thing being programmed... we as humans are.
    The problem isn't technology itself but the mis-use of it.

    We as humans need to remember it's the simple every day things that count, that we take for granted.
    -Call someone instead of texting them.
    -Go up to the girl you find attractive and let her know you would like to get to know her

    -Stop valuing self worth on the amount of "likes" you get within a certain amount of hours.

    • This honestly made me feel pretty bad... I was suppose to be born in the 50's Lol

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    • I'm with you!
      With that being said... technology is fine.
      It's the misuse of it that is the real problem.

    • Thanks for MHO!

      The guy in this video is actually an expert here on GAG @PrinceEa

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  • Technology has affected the weak relationships around the world and course due to there insecurity, there faulse sense of happiness, and even there foot stool. Me i allow my experience and what i am aware of to guide through a relationship cause its all about the personality and attraction thatll get the motor running not what best piece headache thatll come out next.

  • Yes and very negatively... I hate texting and social media and how it has interjected itself into relationships... people take longer to get over someone because they can see eevrything they do online. People try and read into texts and have entire relationships with mostly text! All the questions on here about 'what does this text mean'... guh.

  • It definitely did. It affected how people communicate through hundreds of years

  • Just look at all of the people who only date online. Before that most people went to bars, etc... or got hooked up via friends. Tech has changed all of that... forever...


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