How can I get him to chase me?

Well me and this guy have been talking for about two months. He's been saying he wasn't ready for a relationship, but that he loved being with me. He doesn't want a relationship because he just had a baby and he's trying to focus on school. Things were great in the beginning but I tried breaking things off with him a month ago, and then we picked them back up.

Now ow he's a bit distant but the sex is amazing. He tells me he loves me, but I keep making the mistake of becoming too clingy and I blow up his phone. I did this once already and he tried to cut me off but said he'd think about it. We got over it and after having sex again, I became clingy and now he's ignoring me again. I know it's super unattractive to chase a man. I professed my love to him and he's still ignoring me. I know he has feelings for me, but I know I'm pushing him away. How can I redeem myself? If I don't speak to him, will he begin to miss me? I really love him and I don't want to lose him, but the more I hold on, the more I feel like I lose him.


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  • your scaring him off try calming down a bit, show more then tell that u like him but keep it subtle her doesn't chase u cus he doesn't need to u chase him. ask to hang out or something then afterwords keep calm and let him do the chasing, trust me if he likes u , u dont have to try as hard as you apparently think

  • Maybe he doesn't think you're worth chasing.

    • How can I change that? By becoming less available?

    • Becoming less available won't change a thing if he is no longer interested.

    • I asked him to tell me if he wasn't interested, so I could leave him alone, and he didn't reply. I feel he's more confused.

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