What labels a girl you meet in a bar as "girlfriend material" or "one night stand"?

As a college student, you tend to meet people during night life in bars and parties and stuff. If you meet a girl, and she's a little tipsy but not drunk or anything, she's cute, you guys get along, does she automatically get labled a one night stand by default because you met at a bar? Also, say you exchange numbers and she doesn't go home with you or anything, would you call her the next day or just forget about her because your intention was to take her home and she didn't go home with you?


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  • It only becomes apparent later. I don't do one night stands.

  • a girl you meet in a bar is not "girlfriend material" she's a ONS candidate.

    • are there ever exceptions? in college remember

    • Those exceptions don't go a second time to a bar. (unless they're dumb. Then they end up fucked.)

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