Girl I'm with likes photos of the same guy on both Facebook and on Instagram, what should I do?

First things first, no I am not insecure. I trust her but here's the thing, we've been seeing each other for a while now and we trust each other, we please each other so nothing is unsatisifed. My problem is this : when we started seeing each other, we both told each other things so we knew it was cool like if someone says something to me, it's a friend and not someone I'm seeing, same with her. So she tells me she has a crush on this celebrity radio guy and I said that's cool because she told me. Now we say we are always honest with each other but for the past few weeks, she has liked this other guys Instagram and Facebook photos. And I'm not talking about just one, almost everything he puts up, she likes. I went back through a bit and she's been doing it before she's known me. I'm not jealous, but I want to know why would she tell me about the radio guy she has a crush with, but not this other guy? He lives in another state and is pretty popular so his not a normal local guy but why not tell me? Surely shed know that I can see her liking it over and over again. Any advice on what I should do? .


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  • its not a big deal...


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