How much does a persons car factor in your relationship?

I recently started dating this girl and she's always talking about how old my car is and how I should get a nicer newer one, im 20 and it's my first car and im not really into cars to be honest.

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  • At least you have a car!!

    What's always been important to me isn't the type of car or how new it is... More so how he takes care of it. Does he change the oil? Check the engine? Can he fix cars (minor repairs) huge turn on for me. Tell her to quit being so picky... And that if you bought a new car you'd spend so much money making payments on it you'd have far less to take her or a more deserving girl out.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If a girl keeps talking about you getting a nicer car, this isn't necessarily an attack but more of something that you deserve. It's like your girlfriend is wearing a nice dress but you know she deserves a nicer pretty dress. We guys always feel self conscious about everything, including the car we drive. I have an older car and girls have commented on it's age (not even a 2002). But you have to address what the car is, just another mode of transportation. Some girls do care, some just want a guy who drives a nice car and those guys are usually douche bags. Older cars have character. So don't even worry about it.


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  • Wait wait someones car should not decide their relationship and if it does she does not worth your time block her, but if she is offering an idea of replacing your car its ok

  • Girls don't understand the value of money, And will judge you based on how much you have, and how much your stuff is worth.