Do guys have to ask for your number to show they are interested in you?

I've seen him on two occasions, his family came to my house then a while after my family went to his house for his brothers birthday party.
At my house our parents introduced us and he asked me what college I go to and my age. He was friendly but he didn't ask for my number.
The second time when I went round his house, his friends were at his house too and he was upstairs most of the time, he only said hi and bye to me. We didn't really get the time to speak and again he never asked for my number.

If he wanted to speak to me and get to know me more he would've asked for my number by now. Does that mean he's not interested in me?


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  • Guys who are interested do want to get a number from you, but it makes it difficult if the opportunity isn't right for them to do that. You can always initiate the conversation and give him your number next time.


What Girls Said 1

  • not always.


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