The guy I like is leaving and I won't see him again. Should I just end it now? Give him my virginity?

He's going to university on August 20th we are both 19. We just started dating and I like him so much but I am scared because I am already falling for him and once he leaves for university we won't see each other again. I keep holding back my feelings because I don't know if I should just end it now or wait a month.

Anyone have any advice or experience with this?

Also I think I might sleep with him bad idea or no?


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  • You should just end it now.


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  • If you lose your virginity to him it will cause you to want him even more.
    You will have a harder time getting over his absence.

    I suggest you keep your virginity.
    I think it's a really bad idea.
    A connection is usually drawn to the person who is our first for a significant amount of time.
    That's something special and what you will remember for life.

    If you want him to be your 1st then do it!
    I am just letting you know that this will make it even harder to get over him.
    You are now sharing more than emotional connection to him, but physical (which always complicates things).


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  • sleeping just for the sake of it... no no... just not healthy emotionally.. why the hell would you want to end it when you are so into him? usually guys can't maintain a long distance... but there are few... give it a try... tell him you will miss him... make him feel loved... if still he ends it... not worth it girl!! all the best!

  • Just end it now.


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