Is it ok to not have any standards?

Well I'm 15, and all my friends tell me, that a girl has to basically be perfect, for them to even consider going out with them. And I get it. At least a little bit for this one guy, he's basically a 10. But that's not my problem, my problem is that even my super ugly friends demand too much, only wanting girls way out of their leagues. And now I'm starting to wonder if I have to have some sort of standards, in order to get anywhere with relationships.

I just don't feel like I can expect anything of girls, when I'm short, and wear big baggy clothes because of my bodily issues. The only thing I really want in a girl is for her not to be a bitch.

And now I'm thinking if I need to highthen my standards like my friends, in order to to find someone better for me?


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  • I don't really have any physical standards. My physical standard is that I have to be attracted to them physically

    • Now, we could discuss really long if that isn't having a physical standard. I mean, I doubt you are randomly attracted to someone's physical appearance. There's definitely something making him physically attractive to you.

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    • I guess, I can partially relate, I don't really have some fixed preferences either, some girls are just attractive. The only thing I could derive from all that is that I am only attracted to white, skinny girls. And that's basically it, the rest has just to fit.

    • @someguy97 I can't really narrow it down that much. I honestly find most people attractive.

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  • It's fine, your standards are yours only and its part of who you are.


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  • Your friends make me cringe, I wouldn't be surprised if they were single all through out high school. Do only what you want, your friends aren't the ones to be dating your future girlfriend.

  • wow... this is different.. well.. you do what your instincts tell you to do not what your friends tell you to! like you said that perfect 10 friend of yours has high standards and followed by him are the super ugly (don't use this term! i'm just saying everyone is beautiful inside) friends who have high standards for girls. You're not some copycat who does the same thing as your friends.. kindergarten? ring any bells? thats just not being you.. im sure as a third person without knowing you.. you're 15 im saying that you just wouldn't go about saying oh i only want girls with big boobs no big booties.. oh her waist should be super small. look for her inner beauty her personality the way she treats others her kindness and at the same time her outer beauty like her smile her eyes her hair.. dont just pop them eyes right into her boobs.. lol!! :'D
    please don't take anything I said offensively! you're bodily issues should never ever outrun you for you're still growing. i'm your age and i've had an ED and through with that shit and i feel you there! you'll be great!
    cheers :) enlighten your day with a BIG BIG SMILE
    My opinion: go with your instincts dont be a fool ;)

    • I am not beautiful on the inside, so you are wrong.

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    • i understand what you mean but all i meant was he needn't call his friends ugly what so ever. well thanks for making sure I know. good day to you.. and I don't know why but re-think about what you said of yourself.. sorry

    • Yeah, good day or night to you, too.
      And trust me, I thought about it already for a very long time,
      be glad that you don't know me, haha.

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  • It's good because it will be easier to find someone you like

    • The thing is that if it wasn't for my anxiety I would literally dater any girl that was interested in me. And I'm afraid that I might waste my time, or seem bland to some girls.

  • It's better to not have any standards, really. That way you just let it happen without trying to influence it too much. You never know what kind of people you miss out on.
    I wish I could be like you.


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