Need some cultural help?

i am an American white girl who has been on a date with a Mexican male. his family mostly still lives in Mexico he has been here a few years and knows enough English for us to communicate. I am with his help learning Spanish. my question is he wants me come to his house for Christmas which is when his family has a cookout. its an all night event. I need some help learning about his culture and what to expect. is it to soon for me to be meeting his family after just one date? he is really shy so when he asked it completely shocked me. I work with him and his uncles so its its mom and stepdad and little brother that he wants me to meet.

any information from anyone dating someone of the Mexican culture would be great..i really don't know what to expect. I love his family that I have met so far they are super sweet and care so much for me.


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  • What I like about their culture is that they celebrate holidays to the fullest. On Christmas in mexico you can expect to eat a lot. You go door to door and they invite you to eat. Here they will probably be up all night- eat dinner at 1200am. A lot of Mexicans are Catholic. They may have set ups of their religion in the house. Open gifts and drink and dance. Also do pinatas for the kids. I am from Spain but my boyfriend is from Mexico.

    • Thanks, yeah his family is catholic. I love his uncles that I already know, they always have a smile on their face and their parties are the best..

    • Is it to soon to be meeting his family if he and I are not actually in a relationship yet?

    • Not at all. I met my boyfriends family before we started dating

  • If it's an all night cookout be sure to offer plenty of help for anything. I've learned from dating a mexican that his family really look down on women who didn't do anything. If they absolutely refuse to let you help out with the cooking (ask 3-4 times), be sure to help them clean up whether or not they tell you not to. Offer to take up their plates, clean off counters and/or tables, wash the dishes if possible. My boyfriend's family in mexico absolutely hates laziness. Even if it's something you don't know how to cook, try to learn from them. They really enjoy teaching and if it's their son you're with, they want to make sure you're able to care for him.

    • Thanks, that's good to know. I am excited to learn about the cooking and the culture. so knowing that she will want to teach me will help a lot!