Torn between my boyfriend and my parents... what should I do?

Fair warning: this is going to be a long post, but please bare with me.
My boyfriend and I are both 19 years old and have been dating for a couple of years. We've broken up & gotten back together before, but this time he broke up with me because he is going on a year-long missions trip and doesn't want to hold me back, as I'm in school.
My parents have never been a fan of what he wants to pursue as a career - he wants to be a missionary, live abroad and help others. My parents think this is noble, but also wish he would get an education first & foremost - he doesn't think he's called to get an education at this point in his life. Being a missionary is something he's passionate about and he's the most loving individual I've ever met. But my parents are terrified I'm going to be influenced by his career choice and join him as a missionary wife someday. I want to be a teacher and honestly, I wouldn't mind working abroad and trying to help out as much as I can.
He is aware that they want him to go to school, and he recently spoke to them, informing them of the things that they've said that have 'offended' him, and also stating that whatever I choose to do with my life is MY own choice. They didn't appreciate this note as they found it unnecessary and a little disrespectful.
Now it's awkward because we are still seeing eachother (on an unofficial basis) and my dad is angry with him still and would probably appreciate an apology for the conversation, but my boyfriend doesn't want to apologize and feels that if my parents have a problem, they should initiate the conversation. My boyfriend feels that he 'stood up for himself', but I don't think he needed to? It makes me feel like he thinks my parents bully him, which isn't true - they poke fun.
Anyway, it'll be awkward until someone budges and I don't know what to do... I love my parents but I also love my boyfriend and I hate having to feel torn. Any thoughts on what I should do?
I also just wanted to point something out: I know I'm 19 and so young but my boyfriend and I are so mad for each other... it's hard to explain the type of connection & relationship we have. It's so pure and loving and I honestly don't know what I'd do without him! It's like he's my other half. I know that some people may think it's silly, but I honestly think someday he could be the guy for me. My parents like him, they just didn't appreciate the conversation and worry about me.


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  • Seeing as your username is "missionarygirlfriend", the choice seems to already have been made.

    • Haha, i just kinda picked the username because I didn't know what to pick... i thought my username would suit my question!

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  • Choose your parents.

    • I don't want to have to chose someone, I just want everyone to get along! But I'd also like my parents to stay out of my business... they are busy bodies and are always giving me input on my relationship. Sometimes they even make snide remarks at my boyfriend and his career choice which makes him feel like they don't like him, even though they've told me they do!

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  • Who is pressuring you to decide for them?

    Decide for the other side, because whoever loves you will love you for all your decisions, but not want to take a loved one away from you.

    • My parents are pressuring me... they want me to take a break from him, but I don't think they realize how badly that would hurt. I honestly don't think I'd ever get over him.

    • Then your decision is for your boyfriend. If your parents unconditionally love you, they will love you being happy with that guy. And if not, then the problem is with them and not with you.

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