How do you feel better after rejecting someone?

I'm sure he feels worse than I do, but knowing that he probably feels bad is making me feel bad and I feel like a horrible person. D: I'd already agreed to go out with him, but before we could, I realized that I never should have said yes. It is 100% nothing wrong with him, and I mean that. It's just because I'm already dealing with depression, anxiety, a potential revelation about my sexuality which wouldn't disqualify him but is causing significant confusion and stress, AND I've stressed myself out so much that I'm experiencing actual medical problems as a result. I am in no state to date anyone right now.

But I also really liked him, I wish we could date, and I'm unsure if he believed me when I said I had a lot going on and needed to get my shit together before I date anyone. Plus I canceled lunch with him today, because I've been so exhausted that I could barely get out of my cubicle, let alone have a social lunch, so that's like... double rejection.

I'm a terrible person, but I don't think I can do anything about it now. How do I stop feeling like shit about this whole situation? D:


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  • when u say revelation about yer sexuality? would u mind sharin?

    i guess it's hard he'll believe a double-rejection unfortunately... but if he's really interested then i believe he'd run back to u on his own

    • I don't want him running back to me, though, not for at least a month. Because I stand by my decision that I can't date right now. I just hate that I hurt him (and I hate that I had to reject him).

      With the revelation thing... I don't know, I don't want anyone to be rude about it. :/

    • i don't think he'd be rude if he's open-minded of course.

      so anyway.. just be clear wid him u cannot date right now then... and xplain da reasons ;)

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  • It's not your fault!


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