How do I show her I really care for her?

I want to show her that I really care for her. I am friends with her, and I have told her before that I really like her. Should I just randomly give her a light kiss and see what happens? I am moving in a few weeks and I think that even if it is kind of a long distance relationship that it will work out, I have this feeling that we click and we are meant to be together


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  • like Italo_DiscoFever said take her to lunch and tell her how you feel, but my honest opinion is that if you're moving away, it's pointless.. it's my personal opinion, I have seen in many different situations long distance relationships and none of them have worked out.. also, you don't even know if the girls is into you as well, well obviously you'll find out if you let her know your feelings.. I guess you'll see what happens.. better going away knowing what would had happened than not at all I guess.. good luck to you


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  • Don't kiss her Just be there for here and maybe take her out for lunch and explain to her

    how you feel about her.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • Giving kiss on head.Asking whether she is having any problem.Trying to make laugh at sad times.

    if you have heart she has body.Both should always remain with each other to survive.


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