Should I leave him?

I started dating someone 3 months ago, who I had known but not very closely for about 2 years.. I started dating him and noticed he had a pic of his ex in his old facebook albums. He is from Italy and came to study in the uk and claims they broke up because of distance reasons and nothing else and there was still a connection. Knowing her name from the facebook stuff, I saw he was messaging her all the time- more than me even sometimes. I couldnt say much at the time, we had just started dating until one night he was in bed with me and answered a call from her. for a brief few minutes only. but I cried.. a month later I came partially clean and told him I was uncomfortable and that I though he still loved her he didn't deny but didn't want to end things with me either, he also told me he'd been seeing her in Italy ( he went home for one month). A further month later I see she has written on her social media a poem or piece of writing about him claiming she still loves him but she's with someone else bla bla bla melodrama etc. I am hurting though..

He makes me so happy but this is really killing me inside. Im 21 by the way and i guess I would like something a little serious now at my age and dont want to leave him so soon? Shall i give up on this? Maybe he will get over it eventually?


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  • Yes you should leave him, you should find someone who has no doubt in his mind that he wants to be with you. Your current guy is clearly doubting you since he has such a hard time letting go of her, and because he's acting shady behind your back. This is not something a guy gets over "eventually", and especially not while he is in a relationship with someone. You were the rebound. I'm sorry.

  • Yeah leave Him.


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