Girls, how do I find them?

How do I kidnap a nice girl lol jk xD I want to know how to get a nice girl's attention, I can't seem to do that because they automatically assume i'm going to break their heart and cheat on them so they would never give me a chance and end up ignoring me. the only girls that notice me and like me are the one's who have a nasty attitude and personality any tips would be helpful. I'm confident enough to talk with them but I feel that my confidence is what ruins it...


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  • Confidence shouldn't be an issue, what would be is if you come across as cocky or arrogant.. Which unfortunately seems to be what's happening. If you try and actually get to know a girl before trying to date her then that would most likely work in your favor, currently they are just seeing somebody extremely confident and thinking that you are some kind of player and shouldn't be trusted. Allow them to notice your personality first and then they should feel more trusting. You should also consider if you have inadvertently done something that may give them this impression - as ignoring you for no reason seems highly unlikely. Hope this helps :)

    • Yea I was thinking of doing something similar to what you said like just befriending them first and then just telling them I'm interested in them in staid of my usual tell them your interested first and then getting to know them

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    • And about 15+ said yes xD

    • Well maybe this is just me then, but I'd find it a little weird if a guy I just met said he was interested in dating me before actually getting to know me.. As I said I may just be strange XD

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  • You just have to be really nice and sweet

  • Just be nice.


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