Boyfriend for almost a year didn't do anything for my birthday. My birthday was in may. He says he's broke yet he goes out with he's friends?

And he thinks our 1 year anniversary isn't special. I was so upset. I wanted to cry because people thought we wouldn't have lasted. He always say he's ugly and etc. I'm losing hope but I still love him.


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  • Guys don't care about anniversaries and may was 2 months ago so maybe he was broke at that point

    • He's parents pay for he's financial needs. And he went clubbing in may with he's friends. I deserve something. I've been really supportive, I cook, give advice, very friendly, tell him I love him and etc. He says I'm he's ideal type. I don't understand.

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    • On top of that I was jobless, I had a lot on my plate but I still celebrated he's birthday. So I at least deserve something. I decorated he's locker. And gave him a juicer, weights and a onesie. He asked for those things and he got it. He didn't give me any gifts or anything. Only a ohhh happy birthday 5 days later.

    • well if thats the case you should ask him

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  • Have you mentioned to him how important it is for you?

    • Yes but we just tend to fight.

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    • Well this is he's first real relationship. He doesn't know what he should do. Tbh.

    • I just broke up with a guy for whom I was patient for 3 years. Don't make the same mistake and save the rest of your valuable time.

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