Is there something off?

there's a guy I've known since 2011, on and off with relationships, never really worked before. I scared him away with things i do (his side) my side i just think he was fake. Regardless we are talking now and he claims he loves me. Its hard to rust him. I feel like i am always the one that chases him more then him. He always messages me late at night and i dont understand why he can't text me during the day. He hates talking a lot he claims he is busy. I love texting and calling i mean we are supposdly dating? Anything seem off? He always claims he has anxiety. Well so do i. Lol


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  • Sorry bit I think your he's booty call. Guys do this when their lonely. The fact that he doesn't even want to text you during the day should be a huge hint. Be careful girl. You can do so much better. Trust.

  • Yeah there is.


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