Fast food or fast fool?

Is it OK for a guy to ask a girl to a fast food joint for a dinner date? We've casually dated for 2 months (about 5 to 7 dates.) I declined w/o reason, but later admitted that it wasn't a good idea.

Now, he thinks I'm a shallow ass and my friends think he's a cheap loser. I felt like I wasn't being respected. What's next? Drinking ripple out of the bag and peeing in the woods? Fun when I was a teen - not so funny now.


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  • Just stay away from him.


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  • Depends. Is money an issue for him? I wouldn't take someone out for dinner at a fast food place (unless it was gourmet) but it wouldn't be an automatic no either. If you understand what I'm getting at.

    • if money was an issue, I could have treated. There's tons of little Mom and Pop places I like to give business to, and maybe expand his horizons a bit as well.

      Oh, and he said he had a coupon. Make much of a difference?

    • Barf. He's just cheap. Lunch? Sure. Dinner date? Nah. Never.

  • i mean if its not an every-time thing.. it would be ok