Is there a way to express this situation,?

It's hard for me to put this into words, but I'm a In a situation where I really like this guy, but when the day I plan to show him I'm interested, he leaves. When I'm happy to see him, he thinks I'm playing games from something that might of got misinterpreted last time. It's like we're never on the same page, no communication, I try to catch him alone he's never alone, we where in a group and as he was leaving, I was going to follow after him to tell him, but I waited to long and when I got outside he was in his car! I think he likes me to, however he's not looking for any opportunities to talk to me alone, I Feel if he was interested he would've lingered. He's never in the area I am, I'm hurt trying to figure it out. But I believe he was trying to make me jealous today, he brought up how he used to date this girl, who he hurry, because he didn't have intention for. I suspect who she is, now he's asking subtle questions about her around me like "Did, so & so leave the keys here?" I don't think they're dating anymore, but he wants me to think that theta something going on there, I just assume they're secretly daring still and he wants me to know he's committed to her. ? I think he knows I like him because he said he sees right through me. . What do you think. ?
Who he Hurt*


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  • that sux , i have been in a similar situation so i can say ur not alone , but as for what you should do , ask him to hang out someplace just the 2 of u.


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  • You should tell him.


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