In person or text...but there's a layoff?

Last day of semester is tomorrow, but she will be gone on vacation for the next five days. I want to hang out with her, so should I ask her tomorrow or text her to hang out when she gets back?


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  • Make your intentions know: "I enjoyed being around you this year, we should hang out"


    Then when she comes back from vacation


    Call her and say: "Hey, what are you doing?"

    Then respond to the conversation like normal and work in: "Let's hang out"


    Me: "Hey what are you doing?"

    She: "I'm flying back home from my vacation."

    Me: "Oh yeah? Where did you go?"

    She: "Hawaii - it was so warm and beautiful"

    Me: "I'm jealous as hell *chuckle* did you try the surfing"

    She: "No - it looked scary"

    Me: "Well at least it looks fun - more of a spectator sport I suppose"

    She: "Yeah... well hey I gotta get off the phone, my flight is accepting passengers now"

    Me: "Alright - what time are you getting home? I'd like to chat more"

    She: "Dec 19th at 7pm"

    Me: "Okay cool, talk with you then"

    She: "Bye"

    Then you would know a little about where she went, what she did, when she is coming home - to arrange your plans of hanging out with her. With the given situation - I would go and decorate my house, while there I'd call her up and say: "Hey, I really suck at this whole decorating thing and I was looking for that tropical theme- are you free to help me find the right decore?" - Based on her response - you just notified her that you remember without directly saying so, that you want to hang out, and that you have trust in her ideas.

    Best regards,


    • The problem is she rarely uses the actual phone. She just texts and is addicted to it.

    • You just contradicted yourself man... ??

      Texting = a form of communication - the same communication you intend to "talk with her" from. So text her your questions =/

    • Oh, okay, I thought you meant to carry that conversation while calling her. Thanks.

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