Dad forces me to respect his girlfriend, but doesn't respect my boyfriend.. wtf?

My dad is such an ass. Im young.. im only 18 and my boyfriend is barely turning 20. My dad acts like me and him are married. My dad is making the most biggest deal out if the face that he's not goingg to college YET. He never said he wasn't going...(my boyfriend has had a rough life he's trying to get himself together before he thinks about jumping into school.) anyways my dad is a cheating asshole. he's cheatin on his girlfriend. He tells everyone thier just friends which is a crock of ****. Im forced to respect her and be around her. Yet he says all the disrespectful things he could think of when my boyfriend is not around. Why can't he just be happy for me? Why can't he be a normal dad? I have so many problems with my dad this is just one of them! Im the happiest i have ever been since my mom passed and i have known the guy im with for 3 years. We have so much time to go to college.. not everyone even graduates! Anyways, what can I do to deal with this?


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  • ok so he obviously fears you ending up with a guy like himself wether its justified or not. so take his insults lightly if your boyfriend meets these requirements, is he loving caring and supportive? does he have a job? does he have a car? does he have his own apartment? if he at least meets all but the last one (its expensive and unlikely to live on ur own at that age)
    you have a pretty good and well off boyfriend,

    has ur boyfriend ever cheated on u or hurt you?

    college is hard to go into but it opens door so i recommend he attempt at least an associates degree at a community college or something, but choose wisely.

    • he's great.. I had hurt him. he's got hid own place snd all that. All he wants is the school stuff

    • u hurt him? well ur kinda good then ignore ur dad

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  • I'm sorry to hear that. It seems to me that you need to sit down and talk. Adult to adult.


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  • You're old enough not to talk to your dad ever again. Tell him that what goes around comes around. tell him that if he doesn't respect your boyfriend then you won't respect him or his girlfriend either.

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