Girls, How can you tell if a girl likes you? (I need Lesbians opinion more)?

So the other day me and my girls are having Sunday fun day around the club area, they got drunk and started screaming I'm lesbian and then a girl said I'm lesbian too. So my friends said my name and said to kiss or hold her hand. She told my friend she adores Asian and I was extremely shy but she never walked away even tho I said no to do all the stuff my friend told me to. She even saved her number on my phone and I gave her hugs and held her hand. After that i texted her and it was good and she texted me the next morning and I asked her what she like to do for fun around 2pm but didn't reply and she apologized later on that night but I didn't get to text her until after work. Then the next day I texted first said good morning, other stuff and then I asked to tell me about herself around 12pm and she didn't reply so I apologized if that made her feel weird. She didn't reply that night either so I said hey good morning the next day but she hasn't replied at all. What does that mean, does she have someone or too busy? I don't know if she's interested
The girl I met was with two other guys that look like nerds and they weren't dressed for the club.


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  • Honestly, I think she was just really drunk. Sometimes straight girls make-out with gay girls just for the fun of it. She may have thought if she told you was straight, you wouldn't have kissed her, hugged her, etc because you would not have wanted to feel like you were being used for affection. I wouldn't get too upset or worked up over it, trust me there are plenty more beautiful lesbian women out there.

    • She was with her friends I think they were gay but they didn't dress up like club attire and they were not drunk my friends were drunk. We were walking around. I didn't kiss her only hugged but if that's really the case then what should I do? Wait until she text or text her saying something

    • Oh okay, I must've read your question wrong. I thought that she was drunk also. But if she really is a lesbian, maybe she didn't get back to you because she's busy? I would wait a few days to see if she replies, and if not then that will determine whether she's into you or not. Don't text her again, you'll seem clingy.

    • Yeah, I think I didn't put that part. So wait like three days? Okay I won't, thanks.

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  • Tbh I'm not lesbian but I respect u guys I'm straight but here is something girls have liked me so I'm going to tell u. She is probably busy for sure... or she is shy to text u bc she might like u back😜

    • Thank you and are you sure? She hasn't talked to me or texted back. What should I do then?

    • Should I message her or wait

  • Honestly, it doesn't look like it's going to work out.

    • Why do you say that

    • You're constantly messaging her but she doesn't reply... it's been how long?

    • Opppsss I. read that wrong... she. might be into you

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