Not good at approaching strangers but people I know... ?

So i have good body take care of myslef, smell nice, quite smart, good at school , and i get lots of looks and people tell me i am good looking but one problem remains, i am not good at approaching stranger girls who i find attractive its so weird and annoying to me that i would rather not do it , girls i have something in common with on the other hand... i approach with ease , if i have a class with a girl or work with her i act so confident and approach that girl with ease and get her facebook or number i've went on few dates with an attractive girl once like that and i flirt with more girls and get close and touchy with them easily , iam quite talented when in such a situation , work, class, through friends... etc but with strangers on the street not so much , am i the only one is it weird or anything?


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  • I don't consider it weird. Keep approaching people with whom you share similar interests.


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  • definetely not weird coz most people act this way... it's normal to be uncomortable wid people u know. and as long as u can approach gals u know already y complain bro? there r many people who can't do even this!! so be glad! ;)

    • i guess hhhhh yeah its no problem with me if i share something with a girl

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