Want my ex back. How?

My ex and I were together for seven months. We broke up two months ago because he's leaving the country for ten months. He says he is open for a reconciliation when he gets back. How can I keep him interested in me while he's away? I really, really want to be with him again.


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  • I don't think there is really much you can do he clearly broke up with you because he wants to explore his options while he's in the other country or else he would of stayed committed, ten months won't kill you so there is no other real reason why he would break up with you over it.

    No matter what you can't really find out what he's doing, if you try to stop him you might come off as too needy and he will simply lie or ignore you. I think you should simply let him have his fun which is clearly what he seems to want and have your own fun as well, if he broke up with you he's not thinking about you over there and you might as well move on as well.


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  • Just send little messages when he is away
    i am thinking about you, how are you.. something like that
    there is not a lot of things you can do actually
    remind yourself time to time. rest is up to him


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  • some things to bear in mind:
    text based chat can get rather boring rather quickly (I'm talking days here) so try to keep it spicy sometimes. (sexy pictures and webcam sessions might be an idea, and anything else you can think of activity wise)
    To some degree you both need to get on with life while you are apart. try to understand that when he doesn't seem to have the time for you or vice versa, it's because you both have lives to live. One sure fire way to destroy future prospects is to start griping when you can spend hours chatting together every day. Please try to avoid that.
    In other words, it's going to be tough and nothing is guaranteed. But do your best and remember to listen to yourself as well, since you may find yourself changing your mind about it all.
    I hope you have success.


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