Why does she take so long to reply?

I have to admit I've been taking abit long to reply, but only because I've been busy. Its like everytime we text she either matches howlong I took to reply or takes waay longer. Is she sick of me being abit slow to reply or something? Weve organised to meet up next week, yesterday but with the way she's texting I can't tell if she interested. She seemed interested in meeting up and told me she would only be free over a couple of days so we organised it for when were both free, but she's being really long with replying. Last night I was out with friends so took a while to reply, didn't reply to quite late she was probably asleep but she's still not replied yet


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  • There could be many reasons. She could be trying to mimic you which we sometimes do (basically we want to avoid looking desperate/clingy so when we see you taking long we want to do the same) or she could just genuinely be more busy or something. Either way I wouldn't worry about it. You've got a date so try to not let it influence you. Just be positive.


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  • Exactly what XRabbitHeartX said, girls like to mirror guys in texting time. If you take twenty minutes, they'd like to text back in the relative same time period. So I suggest you work harder to text her back sooner and see if she's still taking forever to message back. Still doesn't mean anything because she could still want to not look desperate, change her texting habit to you, or she legitimately is busy. Try giving her a call once in a while, texting is sometimes really impersonal.


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  • Girls over think every thing. I, myself, do the same thing because I don't want to seem clingy. Girls feel that if they text you a lot, they are annoying you.


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