Will he talk to me ever again?

Well me and this guy have been talking for 2 months now, and things have been kind of rocky lately. They were great in the beginning, our connection was great and he seemed to really like me. Well he has a daughter and she's a newborn so he's adjustibut ng to his life with her so he told me he wanted to take things slow. A few weeks later I told him I didn't think we should talk anymore and a week later I took it back and told him I was just over thinking things.

I get really clingy and attached, and lately I've been blowing up his phone and now he's ignoring me. He hasn't talked to me in two days, but he's still looking at my snapchat stories and he's still friends with me on Facebook. I haven't texted him since yesterday and I'm gonna give him his space. Do you think he'll talk to me eventually? And why is he ignoring me?


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  • Basically this is a duplicate post cause I have a good memory... but yeah hell talk to you again, he was ignoring you because he mentioned he needs his space and wants to take things slow... don't forget he has a newborn baby to think about... priority rules


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  • He's not actually ignoring you. He already told you that he needs time and space. You probably need to wait for a while.


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  • try to be more patient and give him time. He isn't just thinking about the newborn, he is also concerned on how to settle your relationship. He'll talk to you once he is ready and somehow he gets back to his feet :)


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