I have a dilemma which would be the wiser choice?

i m a sucker for beauty and youth as most men are and i choose to date younger as my career may require more post graduate education (so settling down and children wouldn't be realisty in the next couple years and id prefer chidren with women in her 20s.) but i find older women so much more pleasant to deal with as they know how to carry themselves in a certain way and understand people. younger women i refer to are in their early to mid 20s and older would be around my age, 28 plus.

I've dated both and mostly early 20s as of recent. but they just can't make me feel the way a women around my age can. asyou get into the older market, optiions do slim in terms of well roundedness. if she's very nice she prob has kids or is divorced (baggage) if she is super hot at 33 and single, she probably has a serious personality flaw too hard to overcome for most partners or slut or golddigger is always possible. it seems the option filled younger market comes with the price of immaturity.

yes i m sorta lost. a balance would make me happy but thers always a big issue with either.

what would you suggest or advise?
  • older, pleasant women
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  • younger but immature maybe will workout into her maturity
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  • wait it out for a good balanced 25 to 27 yr old
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  • hmmm first of all it seems u want kids right?

    although... have u ever considered how many gals would want kids wid a guy who's almost a decade older than her? sure there r such gals yet fewer...

    anyway... i disagree about wot u said for a 33 yo gal who's "hot" and yet single... couldn't it be just her choice?

    anyway... i guess a gal aged 27-28 would be good for u...

    • yes I've had that convo with a 20 yr old and she's fine with it. i look 24 anyways and workout. that won't be much of an issues in my opinion as i dont even think id commit to anyone under 24 atm. so at most itd be a 7 years difference which isn't a lot for people over 24. once mature, age matter a bit less but its all about how you look and feel to the other person.

      I've met and observed these 30 plus yr old women to have an opinion. have you?

      yah 27 would be perfect. in my opinion.

    • nahhhh every person matures at a different age actually... u might come across a very mature 20 yo... and a totally immature 40 yo. and yeah i happen to know a 30+ yo gal who's "hot" (imo at least)... and single by choice... her personality's gr8 8)

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