Guys, there's this guy who likes me. I like him fine, but not as much as he likes me. Would I be leading him on if we go on a date?

He gave me his number, and I want to see where it goes. The only thing is, he REALLY likes me, and I'm still not sure. Would it be a bitch move? I don't want to hurt his feelings. I'm highly flirtacious and not looking forward to being tied down.

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  • Even if there's the remote chance of something good happening, you should always be open to pursue. I understand your hesitation since you're afraid it might not work out, he's hurt, all of that stuff. But you really don't know until you try. Going on a date to find out for yourself, not him. And if it was fun and you want to go again, you should go. If you don't, just tell him you had a nice time but you aren't looking for anything serious. You should be certain of getting in a relationship with someone, so I would go and see what happens.


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  • Go for it.


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  • I would say go for it, even if there is a slight chance of it leading to a relationship just do it :p


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