So I started talking to this guy on tinder, a week later we met up for a drink... Is he interested?

He would be the first to text me. After we met up, he texted me saying he really enjoyed meeting me and wished he was kissing me, ya di ya di ya. However neither of us texted eachother for a few days. I can't tell if he is/ isn't interested. I texted him first and he responded reletively quickly but even before today, a couple days ago, I was the first to text him and it lasted as a 4 text message convo.

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  • he's probably just playing it cool with the texting but is actually into you. try to set up another date.


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  • I am not sure. What did he do during the date? Was your conversation decent?


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  • Sounds like the momentum slowed down.. I think he's on the verge of losing interest


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