Why won't this girl respond to my date plan when she asked me to tell her when I am free and go where?

I txted this girl asks if she will be free on these 3 days. She didn't respond. I then send her another text saying "hey?" She then responded within a hour with "hello x. x." I asked her again if she will be free on these date. Still no respond. Wtf does that mean? She won't answer my question but saids hello? Is she not receiving my message? Cause it happened before where she never received the message I sent.


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  • If she's not responding, it's because she's either busy or she doesn't want to talk to you. As for why she answered "hello", it's probably her just being polite, rather than really wanting to talk to you.

    • Thanks for the respond but we texted each other later and she told me that she didn't receive the two message that I ask her on a date with. She told me that last message she got from me was "Hey?" Everything is settle, we made plans for next Tuesday. To all the guys out there, shi@ like message not being receive is highly possible as it happened to me more than once. Good day.

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  • Try suggesting the date like going to where, making plans is better than asking her out. Girls like guys who makes plan. Something like going for dinner date, movie date, shopping etc.. :)


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