Girls, tell me what I should do?

I've been dating this girl for almost three months now it's almost the same deal with the others guys conflict but we actually met each other wile on vacation. We started dating and we literally couldn't keep our hands off each other now it's changed, she is not at all a jealous person meaning I could message/receive a thousand messages from girls and she wouldn't care at all, now beginning of our relationship we'd message everyday and as corny as this sounds send kissy face emojis litterally till our phones would freez, a month and abit later she started working more hours then normal now yes she is independent which is great but she litterally will never message me unless I messaged her we live an hour and a half away from each other so you'd think we would talk more because of the fact that we're both in different city's, but no, we litterally see each other once or twice a month. Please explain to me why this is going like this we are both happy but I feel like she can't handle a relationship so I thought I should just ask you




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  • Its not you.. Its her. She's busy working and possibly stresssed. I still see it as a good thing that while everytime you message, she messages.


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  • Sounds like she's getting over you. She has other priorities
    If I was you I'd make an effort to see her pretty soon and spend time together

  • If she can't handle a relationship then she should be in one.