He said I'm not his girlfriend?

I think that I might take this too seriously.
Thr guy that I'm dating we were laying in bed talking and he said that he's gonna be with his girlfriend later although he doesn't have one. I didn't say anything just okay and he goes you're not my girlfriend!! Just kidding I don't have one. What's that suppose to mean? The day before that he called me his and Sometimes he calls me names like that. I'm aware that I'm not his girlfriend but I don't think he had to point it out like that.. Then he asked me if I'm in love with someone as he swings and smiles like a child then he's just kidding again. It's not the first time he asks if I'm in love with someone is he trying to push me away? Then why is he interested in seeing me?


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  • I'm pretty sure he is hinting at you to make it exclusive and become his girlfriend.


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  • Because he doesn't take you that seriously


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  • He sounds like a loser with low self-esteem. Frost_Byt3 has it right. He wants you to become his girlfriend, but he lacks the confidence to ask you directly. So he's "joking", hoping you will take the lead and ask him.

    If you like the guy, and want to be in a relationship with him, you have to take control of the situation. Ask him if he'd like you to be his girlfriend, etc. If you wait for him to go forward first, you'll be waiting forever.

    • It sounds so strange though. He doesn't seem to be the type who would lack the confidence to ask something like that and he doesn't really seem to be the committed type either but I could be wrong. I still don't really understand.

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