Girls, Is this true that when you make eye-contact with a Random guy?

When you make eye contact with a random guy for the first time , can you make out strong sexual chemistry?

If you do make out strong sexual chemistry by eye contact with the random guy , do you get giggly or smile a lot?

Your personal opinion.


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  • I think you need to stop visiting the PUA forums. They sap IQ points by the minute.

    • Thanks :) But my IQ seems to be very high and never degrades !! So I am an exception to the core.

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    • (That's not what sadistic means)

    • I mean they get happiness by inflicting pain on guys for no reason.

      I have been shy and never an asshole to girls, yet they wanted to pick on me and get me hurt in the end. I never asked for anything in the first place. I have survived suicide 9 times and have come this far to respond to you today itself.

      Pathetic life.

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  • Sometimes I do but. most of the time it's just by accident

  • not always.

    • Thanks :) If you do make out sexual chemistry , do you get giggly or smile?

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