Should I give up on this girl?

So there's this girl I've been in love with for about 3 years now. 2 years ago when we went to the same school, i asked her out (although a bit awkwardly, but i still did it) and she politely turned me down. We texted a bit after that but then the next year she went to a different school. I haven't been able to talk to her since. Every couple months or so i text her but never get an answer. I thought that i would eventually forget her, but i haven't. One day someone teased me about it and to defend myself i said "i don't like her, she's a shallow bitch". Of course i didn't mean that, but it got around to her. Its been a year and a half since I've seen her in person but yet i still think about her every day. I can't even concentrate on other girls because i can never get her out of my mind... So what should i do? Either advice on how to move on, or how to get her to talk to me would be great.


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  • you should give up.


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