Does this woman at work think of me as a friend or looking for a lover?

A woman at work and I have been spending more time with each other outside of work. We are talking for hours and hours after work. I have no where I need to be and she doesn't either, so it is hard to tell if she genuinely wants to spend time with me or just doesn't want to be alone because she is new in the area and doesn't have many friends. I can sense that she enjoys my company because she laughs and jokes with me and it looks like she has fun. Even though it is late, we both don't want to talk about the time because we don't want the night to end. I don't know if she does that with other people she hangs out with but I feel like there is some chemistry there. What do you think? Do women do this if they are not interested in a man?


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  • just a friend.

    • you think? Can you explain?

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