Girls, How often do you give your number to a Random guy you approach in the first place?

You approach a Random guy you find attractive or attracted to. You have quite a short conversation with him. ( Around 15 - 20 minutes ).

After the conversation the random guy suddenly asks for your number.

What would you do? Choose an option from the poll.

Also feel free to add in comments.

  • I would give him my number if I approached him in the first place, even if the conversation was boring.
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  • I would give him my number , even after I lost attraction in conversation.
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  • I won't give him my number , even though I approached him and found him "Hot" because he is a random guy.
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  • I won't give him my number because there was no chemistry , even though he was " Hot" and I approached him.
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  • I won't give him my number unless he shows interest in me.
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  • I will only give my number, if he shows interest in me, even if I approached him first and found him " Hot ".
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd give my number to him if I've known him for a while, and if I had a real interest in getting to know him better. There was one time that I gave my number to a guy who I met on a cruise on the first day, and we hang out the whole time during the cruise. We were hanging out on the last day, and I opened a new contact and said something like "once we're off this boat, we should talk" or something like that but I don't think it was that serious.

    • Thanks :) Which option would be your first?

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    • Oh. I put "i won't give him my number, even though I approached him and found him "Hot" because he is a random guy", but if I knew him well enough, I'd give him my number.

    • cool :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • Your poll is confusing. Obviously I would not give my number to a boring, ugly guy whom I had no chemistry with. Yes I would give a guy my number, if I really liked talking to him and wanted to keep in touch.

    • Thanks :) There is no question of ugly.

      Would you give your number to a boring, Hot guy whom you had no chemistry with?

    • No, I would never date a boring guy, and I doubt we could even be friends. He could be as hot as he wanted, if he's boring I'm out.

    • No wonder I have noticed good-looking guys who can't get girls at all, becoz they are boring !!

      Thanks for the reply ;)

  • I never give my number out to strangers.

    • Thanks :) You won't give out your number even if you find him sexy?

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    • Thanks :)

    • You're welcome :)

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